Seller Resources

It’s time to sell.  Where do I begin?

Congratulations! By coming to this page, you’ve already taken the first step in selling your home.

The next step is to schedule an in home appointment so our team can see the home first hand and discuss the details of your upcoming sale.

To properly price, market, and sell a home requires a full understanding of the property.


In today’s digital age consumers are constantly bombarded with online tools to determine their home’s value. Amongst others, Zillow’s Zestimate, tends to be the most popular.  The problem with Zestimates is that they are calculated using incomplete data which leads to inaccurate results.  In a 2014 article by David Powell of The Washington Post discussing accuracy of the Zestimate he wrote “for homes selling for less than $500,000 they were within 5 percent less than half the time.”

In practice this means a home that Zillow estimates to sell for $250,000 will only sell for between $237,500 and $262,500 less than half the time. That’s quite a large range to be that inaccurate. The reason for this is Zillow’s computer may not be aware of significant improvements, style changes, unique factors, or other issues that could affect your home’s value (either positively or negatively).

Consumers who rely on this information to price their home could end up targeting the wrong market, excluding potential buyers, will end up spending more time on the market, and in some cases may end up accepting an offer lower than they would have if the property was priced appropriately from the beginning.

Instant tools can be a good starting point, but there is no substitute for a personal analysis from our team.


Each listing is unique and customized.  We may include the following in your listing:

  • In-home walk through and consultation
  • Diligent and in-depth market analysis
  • MLS exposure
  • Yard sign
  • Professional photography
  • Listing on RE/ (one of the top real estate broker websites in the country)
  • Listing exposure on competing broker websites
  • Listing exposure on top consumer websites (,, etc)
  • We have great premium partnerships with and which give us additional exposure as a team. This gives us more opportunities than competing agents/brokers to connect with potential buyers for our listings.
  • Open house(s)
  • Team approach (5 agents plus support staff available to serve you)
  • Flexible hours and scheduling.  Many agents have set hours which may not include nights and weekends.  We work around our client’s schedule.
  • Flexible listing contract terms.  Many brokers require their agents to sign listing contracts for a term pre-determined by the broker.  In some cases agents will request a listing contract term of 1 year or more.  We have no set standard and will come up with a term based on the situation and expectations of the client.
  • Easy and convenient scheduling of showings plus direct feedback through ShowingTime.


You can click here to directly contact and schedule an appointment with any member of the team.  During the appointment we will gain a full understanding of your home, discuss a marketing and selling strategy, and will go through the process of selling a home from first visit to closing.